Research from Yi Wang's lab has been published in Advanced Science

On Jan.14, Professor Yi Wang, College of pharmaceutic science Zhejiang University (CPS-ZJU) published the newest research entitledDiscovery of Herbacetin as a Novel SGK1 Inhibitor to Alleviate My...

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The college has gradually improved the construction of scientific research base and platform. At present, it has national and local joint Engineering Laboratory of pharmaceutical preparation technology, China Indonesia Joint Laboratory of biotechnology, efficacy evaluation center of triangle green pharmaceutical collaborative innovation center of minister of education, Key Laboratory of QJ special injury prevention and treatment drugs, key Laboratory of preclinical research of anti-tumor drugs of Zhejiang Province, Key Laboratory of anti-tumor drugs of Zhejiang Province Food and drug safety Zhejiang International Science and technology cooperation base and other key scientific research bases have formed a complete R & D technology chain for preclinical research of new drug creation.


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