Zhejiang University's first Pharmaceutical Link Summit Forum and Clinical Pharmacy Research Center Construction Seminar was held

2021-11-18   |   药学院英文网

The first Pharmaceutical Link Summit Forum and Clinical Pharmacy Research Center Construction Seminar was held On October 10 at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou. Hosted by Zhejiang University School of Pharmacy and co-sponsored by the Second Hospital affiliated with Zhejiang University School of Medicine, the conference focused on the large health industry with the theme of pharmaceutical linkage, with the aim of making a contribution to the national strategy of serving Healthy China.

Lizhong Wang, Vice President of Zhejiang University, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He stressed that the promotion of pharmaceutical linkage must be based on the development of pharmaceutical disciplines at a high starting point of innovation and development, take the initiative to connect national strategies, through top-level design, mechanism innovation, promote innovative drug research and development, improve the level of clinical treatment, establish Zhejiang University Clinical Pharmacy Research Center, promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry and also promote pharmaceutical-related disciplines into a new stage of sustainable connotation development.

Zhen Gu, dean of Zhejiang University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, delivered a welcoming speech and made a report entitled “Practice and keep the innovation in practice; urge the pharmaceutical linkage."After that , he introduced the development of the College of Pharmacy and the preparation of the Clinical Pharmacy Research Center. 

Jian'an Wang, Party Secretary of the Second Hospital affiliated with Zhejiang University Medical College, delivered a speech. He pointed out that in the modern hospital precision medicine model, the pharmaceutical linkage to form a joint force, is the new era to build the Yangtze River Delta region medical peak an important measure. Zhejiang University attaches great importance to the construction of Zhejiang University Clinical Pharmacy Research Center and will integrate many advantages of resources and strengths to make new contributions  for the coordinated development of medicine. 

The first stage of the meeting was presided over by Hu Fuqiang, party secretary of Zhejiang University's School of Pharmacy.

Wenbing Yao, Vice President of China Pharmaceutical University and Chairman of the Steering Committee of Pharmacy Major Teaching in Higher Education Of the Ministry of Education, made a keynote report on New Thinking on "the Construction of Clinical Pharmacy In the Context of Medical Education Reform", which analyzed the development course, development status and existing problems of clinical pharmacy. He pointed out that we should deeply understand the background and new requirements of medical education reform, re-understand the professional construction of clinical pharmacy disciplines, and emphasize the importance of cultivating talents in clinical pharmacy as well as training pharmaceutical talents. 

Jun Li, former party secretary of Anhui Medical University and vice chairman of the Steering Committee of The Ministry of Education's Pharmacy Professional Teaching Steering Committee, made a keynote report on "Thinkings on the Evaluation System of Pharmacy Service Capabilities of Clinical Pharmacy Students". He put forward a comprehensive evaluation system for the training quality of clinical pharmacy personnel combining personal qualities, basic knowledge and skill assessment with a development perspective.

The conference included 14 thematic reports, with experts focusing on major disease diagnosis and treatment, biopharmaceutical creation, and the promotion of large health industries. 

At the same time, experts discussed the construction of Zhejiang University Clinical Pharmacy Research Center, for Zhejiang University pharmaceutical linkage, promote the high-quality development of related disciplines advice. 

School department head, medical management office and affiliated hospital leadership, pharmaceutical college leadership team as well as department center heads attended the meeting.