Undergraduate students from Grenoble Alpes University successfully finished internship in CPS

2018-10-21   |   药学院英文网

From June 9 to July 6, Ben BelgacemHedi from Grenoble Alpes University finished one-month research internship in Dr. LING Daishun’s laboratory. On July 6, Dr. FAN Xiaohui, vice dean of CPS and Dr. LING Daishun, the supervisor of Hedi awarded Internship Certificate to Hedi.


During the internship, Hedi studied the design and synthesis of pH responsive polymers, which includes the design of principle of polymer molecules, monomer preparation, the synthesis of pH responsive polymers and property characterization. He also learned how to use some common instruments and equipments during the design and synthesis of pH responsive polymers and did experiments by himself. During his internship, he kept research studying for 7 hours per day in average, obeyed the rules of laboratory as well as built up the friendship with the students in the laboratory. On July 6, Hedi did a brief summary report in 254 meeting room. Dr.FAN Xiaohui, Dr. LING Daishun, and Dr. LI Fangyuan attended the report and awarded the internship certificate to Hedi. Dr. FAN Xiaohui highly praised Hedi’s behavior during his internship and expressed his welcome towards all foreign interns like Hedi to come to CPS for internship.


Besides, CPS also invited Hedi to attend admistrative staff communication. Hedi introduced French history, culture and etiquette on the meeting. He also taught our teachers how to greet others with French veneer ceremony correctly. The meeting was filled with laughter.


Grenoble Alpes University is a national comprehensive university with a long history.

In 2017 June, Dr. YANG Bo, dean of CPS, signed an agreement for cooperation with Grenoble Alpes University. Up to now, both sides have promote lots of cooperation in student exchanges and scientific research.

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