ZJU Postdoctoral Research Fellow Recuirtment

2018-10-15   |   药学院英文网

1. A competitive salary package will be provided

We operate a tiered postdoctoral funding system for full-time postdoctoral researchers, combining the funds of the University, the supervisor and the college (department).


01Special Funding

PhD graduates from the world’s top 100 universities and colleges, foreign PhD graduates from top overseas universities or other outstanding PhD graduates will be provided ¥200,000 annually by the university, and it should reach above ¥300,000  annually with the fund from the supervisor and the college.


02Key Funding

Foreign PhD graduates or PhD graduates from top overseas universities, universities in the list of China’s “Double-First Class” initiative or preponderant disciplines, will be provided ¥100,000 -¥120,000 annually by the university. It should reach higher than ¥180,000 for candidates of engineering, information science and clinical medicine plus the fund from supervisor and college; above ¥170,000 for candidates of agriculture, life sciences, environmental sciences, basic medical sciences and pharmaceutical sciences; above ¥160,000 for candidates of science and social sciences; above ¥150,000 for candidates of humanities. 



Other benefits

1. Apartments with preferential rent are available; 

2. Social insurance including endowment and medical insurance shall be covered by the university. 


2. Flexible research time

Research time shall range from 2-6 years determined by college and supervisor according to the research projects and clearly defined in the agreement. 


3. Access to senior professional title

Full-time postdoctoral researchers who work in our university for 3 continuous years can apply for the university’s senior professional title.



1. Perform scientific research and complete postdoctoral research work at the scheduled time;

2. Apply for China Postdoctoral Science Foundation or other scientific research projects based on research needs; cooperate with the supervisor to undertake key research projects; publish papers in key publications worldwide.



Age: under 35 years old (under 40 for foreign applicants);

A PhD degree;

Good academic research capability .


Information of Supervisor

Refer to the website of Zhejiang University Postdoctoral: