ZJU-CPS welcomes Class of 2027

2023-08-26   |   药学院英文网

 On August 25 2023, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Zhejiang University weolcome undergraduate freshmen of Class of 2027 on Zijingang Campus. With the blessings of their mentors, family and friends, another cohort of ambitious ZJUers embarked on their journey of dreams and excellence.

 Zhen Gu, Dean of ZJU-CPS warmly welcomed the freshmen and delivered a welcoming address that resonated with both encouragement and advice for the students . He laid out six essential elements in the college study, namely judgment, learning, creativity, executive, leadership and adjustment. with the six elements, he encouraged students to walk in the forefront and bravely stand at the forefront.

 Inspired by ZJU former President Chu Kochen's two questions, what are you here for at Zhejiang University, what kind of person do you want to become after graduation, Fuqiang Hu, with a solemn tone, deeply reflects on the significance of university learning by invoking the responsibilities and commitments of ZJU-CPS students throughout its hundred-year history. 

 Huirong Yang introduced the six-in-one education model with pharmaceutical characteristics, which is guided by academic tutors, fully managed by class teachers, assisted by class teachers' assistants, and promoted by freshmen friends, to help freshmen adapt to college life as soon as possible.

Academic mentors Sunliang Cui, Haibin Qu, and Jian You, class teachers Sheng Cai, Yu Tang, Lihua Luo, and Jinxin Che, along with the assistant class teachers and student mentors, gather here to meet everyone. The academic mentors receive their appointment certificates and share their words of wisdom with the new students, imparting their first teachings in university life: broaden your horizons, maintain passion, curiosity, awe, and courage, and strive to grow into the backbone of the nation and the pillars of the country.



The meeting of 2023 undergraduates has ended successfully, and the life in Qiushi Garden is about to begin. I sincerely hope that the students will bear in mind the mission and vision of Zhejiang University pharmacy professionals, carry on the past and open up, take root in the land of China, and create first-class pharmacy for human health!

Translator:Xinyi Chen