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The First Awarding Ceremony of the “Jiaxin Scholarship” Held in CPS-ZJU

[DATE]:2018-12-21 [VIEWS]:118

On Dec. 21th, the first awarding ceremony of the “Jiaxin Scholarship” was held in CPS-ZJU. Prof. HU Fuqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee, WANG Fang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Mr. CAI Guangfu, the donor and alumnus of CPS-ZJU, and winners of the “Jiaxin Scholarship” as well as other students and guests attended the ceremony. Wang Fang presided over the award ceremony.


On behalf of the college, Prof. HU Fuqiang expressed a warm welcome and sincere greeting to Mr. CAI Guangfu and congratulated all the winners of “Jiaxin Scholarship”. Prof. HU Shuji pointed out that 2018 was an extraordinary year for the development of CPS-ZJU. With the support of alumni and friends from the globe and the hard work of the teachers and students, the college has achieved fruitful results in teaching, scientific research and social services. Prof. HU Fuqiang also encouraged the first winners of the “Jiaxin Scholarship” to be grateful, to make more effort and to be pioneers in learning, researching and social development.


Mr. CAI Guangfu is the 78th outstanding graduate of CPS-ZJU and the chairman of Zhejiang Jiaxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. In September this year, to support the education of CPS-ZJU, Mr. CAI Guangfu donated RMB 10,000 to the Zhejiang University Education Foundation and established the “Jiaxin Scholarship” at CPS-ZJU to reward excellent undergraduate students and help them to complete their studies successfully.


On behalf of the College, Prof. HU Fuqiang presented Mr. CAI with a donation certificate, a donation card and a letter of appointment of instructor of the “Pursuit of Excellence”. Prof. HU thanked him for his concern and support for the development of talent training and education. The “Pursuit of Excellence” is a program building a bridge for students between school and society.


Deputy Secretary WANG Fang read out the Jiaxin Scholarship 2018 annual selection and the list of winners. She hoped that the award-winning students would not forget their original intentions, and keep making breakthroughs in academics and research. As a representative of the award-winning students, JIN Yizhen expressed his gratitude for the college and Mr. CAI Guangfu. He said that he would continue to work hard, pursue excellence, and live a wonderful life worthy of himself, college and society.


After the award ceremony, Mr. CAI Guangfu shared his university life and entrepreneurial experience for the students. He encouraged students with his own struggle and success and advised them to cherish the good times at the university. Mr. CAI Guangfu showed his gratitude to the college for education and research training, saying that being the instructor of the “Pursuit of Excellence” once again deeply connected himself and the college. He promised to take on more responsibility and to promote the development of CPS-ZJU in the future.